Who is SLR

Story Teller. Food Lover. Colour fanatic. World Traveller. Yoga Addict.

Nice to Meet You ...

Hi I'm Shannon Lee Robinson. Destined to be a photographer.

I was born in South Africa and now live with my husband Chris and Lulu our dog. We live in the heart of the countryside in a beautiful village called Aldworth in West Berkshire.

I don’t just take pictures. I tell stories. My passion is capturing and telling unique stories.

I specialise in Food Photography, but also photograph people, events and spaces.

I am  a massive foodie. Food is my life. My heart smiles every time I eat & photograph an epic plate of food. Food excites me, it challenges me, and makes me happy. This is why I love photographing food the most.

I have worked in restaurants, pubs and bars since I was 14 and feel like I have gone full circle. Only now I'm equipped with my camera, many gorgeous food backgrounds and 10 years experience.

My second biggest passion is travelling. I love to travel, meeting and experiencing different cultures and tasting exotic foods. Taking photos of new places and seeing it for the first time with new fresh eyes is what I live for.

To be able to capture the true spirit of someone when they are least expecting it, is quite simply a magical gift. I believe these are the best photos. When you are just being you. Your unique natural self.